Hour of Code 2015

Hou of Code CollageWow! What a great way to lead into our ‘Hour of Code’ with the whole Junior School. After a very successful event last year I decided to run it again this year. Megan arranged for the wonderful author, Samantha Turnbull to come to visit our girls and inspired from her new book she made Binary Code Bracelets with them….woohoo….perfect feed into ‘Hour of Code’.

Click here to learn how to make bracelets using code.


Working out the right code for each letter.




Inspired from Samantha Turnbull’s book ‘The Anti-Princess Club; Cruise Control’, apart from the story proving to the gamers that girls can compete and win…… it has plenty of activities to inspire ‘making’!



binary 2Binary code




In preparation for the up-coming event I sent out an email outlining the date, venue and timetable.

Hour of Code organisation

Hour of Code Links

Below are some of the instruction sheets for the ‘unplugged’ activities planned.

HoC games


Routing and Deadlock Game

Sorting Networks Game

Fuzzball Robots

Robot Makes a Sandwich


Click here for lesson plans on Code.org

Click here for unplugged activities.

Pinterest  I have a board with quite a few ideas about coding.

Resources  Meridith Ebbs has a fabulous resource list of various coding apps and software for each primary grade.

Hour of Code with the whole Junior School

Hou of Code CollageBeeBotnames

FruitGamePrepFuzzballFuzzballCodeNetwork2Network sortingHour of code



Girls minecraftcode1

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