Beginning the Journey

RoseLit-1f97m12At the start of 2014 I began hearing the term ‘Makers’ and ‘Makerspaces’, I was intrigued! Always being a bit of a fiddler and fixer I wanted to know more! So my journey started. I attended a SLQ Seminar on the Maker Movement and this explained many of the ideas and history of Makerspaces. I was able to create a mini robot using 3D printed case with a coin battery and wire to make a ‘horse’ race! So much fun!

I then delved into reading many articles and books about Makerspaces. I’m a teacher librarian in a junior girls’ school and I saw how within our library an area could be created to encourage creativity using the numerous amount of technology we have in our library. My amazing teaching partner, Megan Daley (best teaching partner ever!) totally came on board and together, after approval from our Principal, we introduced our new area and concept through our scheduled library lessons.

“… [A] space where kids have the opportunity to make – a place where some tools, materials, and enough expertise can get them started.  These places, called makerspaces, share some aspects of the shop class, home economics class, the art studio and science labs.  In effect, a makerspace is a physical mash-up of different places that allows makers and projects to integrate these different kinds of skills.” Dale Dougherty, The Maker Mindset, in Design, Make, Play