The Significance of an Audience

When students have an audience, it gives meaning and authenticity to learning. This was evident this week at our annual Science and Technology Showcase. For as many years as I can remember I have given the opportunity for my students to share their learning with significant people in their lives and other interested people not just me as their teacher.

An example of this was when Year 6 students made a documentary and had a Film Night with a  red carpet and invited VIP’s from the community. This practice allows students to take pride, joy, ownership and give purpose in their learning.

The excitement, pleasure and explanations taking place at the Showcase was captivating. The girls took such delight in sharing their knowledge and understanding.


I was extremely pleased to read this feedback ….

“It was an amazing showcase of the engagement of our young scientists and engineers and the opportunities they have to explore the world. The robotics and technology the girls are so comfortable with in particular, is a credit to Jackie’s enthusiasm and creativity. All of the girls who shared their knowledge with me were eloquent and interesting and obviously proud of their work.”

The event was very hands-on inviting guests, peers, older and younger students to give things ago…….experiencing AR with Quiver; coding many types of robots and drones; turning on circuits; making lip-gloss, slime and ice-cream; creating holographic dances; controlling cars, DJ’s and alarms made with littleBIts; interacting with underwater dioramas with Makey Makey ……and so much more!

Authentic audiences help students connect their work in the classroom to the real world.


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Jackie Child
Jackie Child has been teaching primary aged students for 40 years in a number of countries. She is passionate about how children learn through constructivist pedagogy. She is a Teacher Librarian at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and a sessional tutor at Griffith University for pre-service teachers. Jackie doesn’t believe in standing still, there is always plenty to ‘do’ and learn!