Audioplay is podcast meets audiobook meets theatre. How innovative and exciting!

Children put on headphones, step into the story and become the characters, playing out the action in real life. With Audioplay, blanket forts and cushion rafts become the centre of epic adventures that put kids at the heart of the story. Audioplay encourages highly active role play that builds a sense of empathy and teamwork. To get a sense of how Audioplay works view this short video: Read more here

Developed by Side Pony Productions, this is a unique digital experience that facilitates theatricality and play in the home or classroom; taking the creative play that kids love with amazing sound effects and a cinematic score.

It’s exciting to know that Audioplay have plans for an editing platform to support user-generated content in the future, but that is still a bit of a way away. Eventually children will be creators of their own stories, be playwrights, set designers and screenwriters!!

The multiplay-role play nature of the Audioplay experience and the timing associated with having different characters/players doing different activities at any given time does make it fairly difficult to write, the producers are working with professional playwrights/screenwriters to create the content.


Audioplay love it when kids create the other elements of the Audioplay story world – developing character costumes, building more elaborate “sets” for the story etc. Feedback has been that children use the story and the play as a jumping-off point, extending the story with their own version of what happens next through free-form imaginative and creative play.

Currently episodes are designed for 6-12 year and are based on the book trilogy The Turners by Australian author Mick Elliott. These episodes are designed for two players in the same room, which could be two siblings or a child/student playing with their parent.

Software is available for download from the Apple/iOS App Store, so families can download it directly to access real life creative play experiences driven by action-packed audio. First few episodes free.

Such a fabulous concept and GREAT for children to be fully immersed and engaged in story……congratulations to Side Pony Productions!