National Science Week 2023

National Science Week 2023 commenced on Saturday, August 12th and concluded on Sunday, August 20th. Throughout both the opening and closing weekends, students from the Robotics & STEM Competition Club participated in competitions, creating memorable experiences for them.

Students ranging from Year 6 to 8 engaged in STEM Punk’s Innovation Sports Minecraft Competition in Ipswich. This event integrates Design Thinking, Creativity, and Technology, utilizing Minecraft as the foundational tool for construction.

Our girls excelled, reaching the finals and collaborating clearly to craft a stunning ‘3-storey Vertical Garden House’ within just 45 minutes. The judges lauded their effective teamwork, creativity, and impressive construction skills.

Filled with joy and excitement, the girls emerged as victors, proudly claiming the coveted Champions Belt.

During the final weekend, our focus shifted to the RoboCup Junior State Championships hosted at the University of Queensland. St. Aidan’s proudly fielded four teams in the RoboCup Junior Queensland competition, a substantial robotics event catering to students across all age groups.

Enthusiastically participating in both the Novice and Open OnStage divisions, our St. Aidan’s teams, comprising students from Year 5 to Year 8, ventured into the heart of the competition. These divisions amalgamate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) into engaging challenges.

The RoboCup OnStage division challenged teams to conceptualize, construct, and program robots capable of delivering captivating performances while documenting their technical journey. Our teams – ‘Haunted Ghouls,’ ‘Lost & Found,’ ‘Wonderfest,’ and ‘St. Aidan’s Circus’ – showcased remarkable accomplishments.

During the initial day of competition, both the ‘Haunted Ghouls’ and ‘Wonderfest’ teams successfully advanced to the finals from among 30 participating Novice teams. Their commendable 4th and 2nd place finishes respectively demonstrated their competence and dedication.

The subsequent day witnessed the participation of the Open OnStage teams in the competition. The contest maintained a high level of competitiveness, and our girls adeptly responded to challenges, displaying remarkable resilience and a positive outlook. Triumphantly, they progressed to the finals and secured a well-deserved 4th place finish.


Our club certainly enjoyed at successful National Science Week!

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Jackie Child
Jackie Child has been teaching primary aged students for 40 years in a number of countries. She is passionate about how children learn through constructivist pedagogy. She is a Teacher Librarian at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and a sessional tutor at Griffith University for pre-service teachers. Jackie doesn’t believe in standing still, there is always plenty to ‘do’ and learn!