Cross River Rail Experience Centre

The STEMies Club girls had an exciting trip to the Cross River Rail Experience Centre in the city, where they explored various aspects of the Cross River Rail project. The project is a major infrastructure development that will transform Brisbane’s transport network and create new opportunities for economic and social growth. The centre offers educational activities for students using interactive digital visualisation technologies, STEM, STEAM and HASS learning resources, cultural heritage content, and project progress information.

The girls had a lot of fun interacting with the different displays and activities at the centre. They enjoyed the discovery table, where they could touch and learn about the materials and equipment used in the construction of the project. They also visited the Makerspace, where they could design and build their own models of stations, tunnels, and trains using Lego bricks and other materials. They were fascinated by the archaeology display, where they could see some of the historical artefacts that were uncovered during the excavation of the project site. They learned about the significance of these artefacts for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as the European settlers.

One of the highlights of the trip was the 270-degree reality theatre, where the girls watched a stunning video that showed how the Cross River Rail project will change Brisbane’s landscape and lifestyle. The video featured realistic animations of the new stations, which will be modern and accessible, with features such as platform screen doors, natural lighting, and public art. The video also showed how the new international signalling system will improve the efficiency and safety of the trains, as well as reduce congestion and travel times. The girls were amazed by the vision of Brisbane’s future with the Cross River Rail project.

Another highlight was the VR tours, where the girls could experience what it would be like to travel on the new trains and stations. They wore VR headsets and used controllers to navigate through different scenarios, such as boarding a train at Albert Street station, crossing the river under a tunnel, or arriving at Boggo Road station. They could also see how the stations would look like from different perspectives, such as from above or from street level. The VR tours gave them a sense of immersion and excitement about the Cross River Rail project.

The girls also had a chance to show their creativity and communication skills in a game of charades. The girls took turns acting out different components of the new railway signalling system, such as balises, radio masts, platform screen doors, and driver simulation training centres. The game was challenging but also entertaining, as the girls used gestures, sounds, and props to convey their clues.


The trip to the Cross River Rail Experience Centre was a valuable learning experience for the STEMies Club girls. They gained a deeper understanding of the Cross River Rail project and its benefits for Brisbane and Queensland. They also developed their skills in STEM, STEAM, and HASS disciplines, as well as their curiosity and creativity.

Huge thank you to Allyson Starky for her time, knowledge and enthusiasm as she shared the Experience Centre with us.




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Jackie Child
Jackie Child has been teaching primary aged students for 40 years in a number of countries. She is passionate about how children learn through constructivist pedagogy. She is a Teacher Librarian at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and a sessional tutor at Griffith University for pre-service teachers. Jackie doesn’t believe in standing still, there is always plenty to ‘do’ and learn!